Monday, December 24, 2012

Developers and Testers United!


In the pre-agile world, there existed a war between developers and testers.  A wall divided the two lands.  Communication happened in one of two ways, on neutral land (the meeting room) or by tossing their weapons back and forth to one another over the wall.  Developers with their new and fixed code and testers with their never-ending list of bugs!

Then Agile appeared and his first mission was to tear down that wall.  It was scarey because now we can physically attack one another.  Then Agile presented the commandments of scrum which primarily preached love and to help one another.  As we began to embrace this new project planning religion, we found a power!  We began to see the amazing things we could accomplish together by joining forces.
Test automation spoke to both us!  It contained a commonality that appealed to both teams!  Testing software, better, faster and providing great efficiency to bug reporting, test expansion, and testing in places we testers never thought possible!

Just recently, I experienced the greatest collaboration between the developer and the automated tester.  I kept wondering, how could I extend test automation to our java fx2 product?  Our current windows-based test tool did not support it.  Then I wondered, how can I extend testing to non-window platforms?  Our developer, saw and heard my worries.  So he took the initiative to develop an auxiliary test framework using Java Robot to test both our java fx2 and swing applications!  Now he didn't trump on the work already invested by the tester. No no no he didn't.  He developed it so developers could unit test and the testers could functionally test by simply passing in groovy command scripts that will auto-play when you load our applications.

Then if that wasn't amazing enough, this developer heard me when I highlighted the need to do scenario-based tests which he didn't really think of.  Two days before his vacation, he built a webserver, an external test script method and an HTTP internal test script method we could use inside our own products!  I jumped for joy!  Tears of happiness streamed down my face.  Because not only did he provide a way to test the other platforms and test this java fx2 application, he did so by allowing us to leverage already developed methods and functions inside our test framework which reduced our automation and test efforts by ten fold!

Woo, I got a rush sharing this story!

I never thought I would see the day where developers and testers could collaborate in such a way we listened to one another, we supported one another and we helped each other to achieve the same common, test and get that product out so we can make some money!!!!!

Happy automation!

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