Thursday, November 21, 2013

Part I – What’s Required for an End to End Data Modeling Test Framework

Part I – What’s Required for an End to End Data Modeling Test Framework


Data Model testing is increasing in popularity with tools such as TOSCA and GraphWalker and honestly I must say it is an ingenious way to develop tests and becoming ideal for agile development teams.  The purpose of this simple article is to provide you with:

  • Suggested tools and software products required to learn data model test automation (feel free to choose other tools).
  • Provide a recommendation for a holistic approach to test management, testing and test automation.  Many test automation practitioners and companies treat test automation as a separate activity however I sit in the camp of those who include it in their overall approach to testing.

The diagram below is intended to support developing your Test FrameWork using the following techniques:

  • Selecting tools/products for code development, test management, automated test launch and reporting
  • Building the project as a Maven Java project
  • Using Maven to manage your project’s dependencies
  • Download additional resources/libraries by using Maven
  •  Provide a high level idea of how to build your Test Framework

Have fun and good luck and we will continue this discussion in subsequent articles.
Margaret Thomas has worked in the testing profession since 1996 and worked within a number of industries including mobile, finance, medical and insurance.  She developed a strong desire for automated testing when she began working within finance and has utilized a number of testing tools both commercial and open source.  She is also the author of the technical blogs found at

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